Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.

You've signed up for the MP Online Coach CMS and you're ready to take your business online. Great!

...but what’s next?

Building the ultimate online MP business that can attract the exact type of clients you're looking for and deliver them life-changing results while dramatically improving your lifestyle and freeing up your time can seem overwhelming, scary and stressful.

With the right guidance and support the process can be achievable, rewarding, sustainable and stress-free.

Are you unsure where to start?

Are you lacking in clear direction and self-belief?

Do you need someone there in your corner all the way?

Welcome to the MP Ultimate Online Coach Mentorship

I've been featured in and on...

"I started working with Matt 18 months ago at the completion of the MP Level 2 course.

I was overwhelmed, felt everything was way over my head and was unsure as to what my next step should be.

By making my business growth a priority and making the commitment to work with Matt, I had a strong system to follow in order to build the foundations of a thriving business.

I have someone in my corner who has overcome the same struggles, frustrations and rewards from being a business owner, who can draw from their experiences to help me progress.

Under the guidance of Matt, I have built a 6 figure business over this time, and I can honestly say I am living my true purpose! I have a thriving community of members (who I commonly refer to as my big, crazy family), 6 months ago I opened my own studio and in 2018 I've taken my business online in order to help more people.

Break through the glass ceiling of potential you place on yourself- anything is possible, so long as you believe it is!"

Zoe Hyde - Zoe Hyde Transformations

"I've been in the industry for 9 years now, the first 7 of which were spent in commercial gyms and taking outdoor group training.

Sometimes I enjoyed the job, sometimes I didn't, and 2 years ago I was just about burned out with the profession. I still had a burning desire to open my own studio, but I'd put it to the back of my mind for a long time because it seemed unattainable.

I didn't know where to start!

I stalked Matt for about 6 months before deciding I was ready contact him about Mentorship. I'll be completely honest, I had my doubts about the whole thing right up until about 30 seconds into our first meeting.

I said the ultimate aim for me is to open my own studio in the next 2 years. His response was "We'll have your studio up and running within months if that's what you want?"

Wow. Since then, I have worked very closely with Matt and I can honestly say that working with him has been the best decision I've made in my professional life.

I opened my Personal Training studio within months of that first meeting, and I know that with the structure that we have put in place for my growth, opening a PT studio is only scratching the surface of what is possible!"

Justin Perillo - Lean365

Kane - "This has helped us change our lives and our business.

When I first started working as a PT, I was working 5-6 days a week, 12 hour days and barely making it by.

Lisa would have to bail me out with rent at home and rent at the gym just so I could keep doing what I wanted to do.

Working with Matt, we now have the ability to work 8 contact hours per week with clients and live very comfortably.

Matt is also helping us on the next step of our business journey, where we are now transitioning across to having a fully online business and living our dream of being able to travel the world while working with our clients"

Lisa - "Before I transitioned into the business, I was working an office job that I hated. Matt helped Kane and myself work out how I could transition out of my job and into the business"

Kane Patterson and Lisa Arney - Lift 4 Life Transformations

"About 5 years ago I was working a desk job from 9-5, in a job that I didn't particularly like or want to stay in.

I came across Metabolic Precision Levels 1 and 2 and did those quite quickly. After Level 2 I thought "This will be really simple to implement into my business which will help me get away from my desk job"

Unfortunately that wasn't the case, and I continued to spin my wheels for around 12-months after Level 2.

I was getting frustrated and decided to seek out the help of Matt Wolfs, who had come from a similar situation to what I was in.

So I signed on with Matt, and Matt helped me put a plan in place to help me transition out of my desk job and into full-time personal training.

It was the best decision of my life, as it allowed me to get away from a job that I didn't like and spend a whole lot more time with my family which was the ultimate goal.

If you're looking to get some time back and set yourself up in the fitness industry, then I suggest you have a chat with Matt and let him set you on the right path to success"

Troy Willems - Constant Evolution Transformations

"I had no structure to my business at all, I lacked direction.

I had some big goals but I didn't know how to achieve them, I was kind of just selling training sessions all over the place.

I had no structure to my training blocks, no set packages and really no idea how to help my clients get results.

Now in 2019 I sign up my clients to 12-month programs with me minimum. 

I've streamlined my business to allow me to make more money while working less time in the business. 

Free time is important to me to enjoy my lifestyle while helping my clients get results.

I would highly recommend Matt if your goal is to work less hours, make more more for yourself and your family, live the lifestyle you want to live while transforming lives"

Jake Pearson - Jake Pearson Personal Training

"When I first met Matt I was purely an outdoor trainer. I ran my own bootcamps outdoors with no intention of having a studio of my own or anything.

My life changed within half an hour of meeting Matt.

Under Matt's guidance and mentorship, within 3 months I had my own studio and had totally restructured my business for the better.

Income has increased. Client results have increased. The only way from here is up - I've got the structure and guidance to be where I really want to be in 1-2-3 years' time.

This will take your business to new heights"

Stephen Johnson - Eternally Fit

Creating a successful, sustainable online MP business takes the right structure, the right systems and the right guidance.

With so many things to get done it can seem overwhelming to even know where to start.

I'm going to give you all the tools, resources and support you need to build an online MP business that not only gives your clients life-changing results but gives YOU the business owner the lifestyle you both want and deserve.

It hasn't been easy, but I'm proud to say I've built my business literally out of nothing. From working out of two commercial gyms, transitioning out of my 9-5 desk job to owning and operating a multi-6-figure MP studio to creating a multi-6-figure MP online business with an audience in over 60 countries I'm living proof that anything is possible with the right structure, support and guidance.

When you sign up to my exclusive Believe and Achieve program, you are given the hands-on and personalised guidance that has been proven to work for real MP business owners just like you and me.

When you join my team, I promise you that I will:

  • Work closely with YOU about YOUR business to achieve YOUR goals. This is an exclusive 1-on-1 program
  • Ensure that you are empowered in every possible way to change your life, the lives of your clients and succeed in your business no matter where you are in the world
  • Help you construct the systems that are essential for your business to succeed online - attraction (how to attract your ideal client), conversion (how to systemise the sales process so you are offering the right solutions to the right people) and engagement (how to deliver the program to your clients in a way that helps change their lives without monopolising your time)
  • Help you sharpen your skills as an MP Online Coach yourself so you're able to help your clients get the best possible results, further building your own credibility as an expert!
  • Help you achieve your own transformation which is the catalyst for EPIC business success
  • Surround you with other MP business owners who will support, encourage and inspire you every step of the way
  • Be there every step of the way to answer your questions and support you

“At the start of my career my goal was to be a successful PT business owner, training clients 40-50 contact hours per week 1-on-1 charging $50 per hour.

My journey has taken me from a wannabe PT dreaming of escaping my 9-5 desk job, to the top of the pile in a large commercial gym earning over 6-figures working 20 contact hours per week, to starting an MP studio from scratch and building it up to a multi-6-figure business working less than 10 contact hours per week to launching a podcast that has grown my audience in over 70 countries worldwide to a multi-6-figure MP Online Coach working with clients all around the world.

As a 2-time MP Trainer of The Year (2013 and 2017) having worked with many successful MP Trainers I am supremely confident that I can help you achieve the success you both want and deserve.

If you're willing to be open, honest, coachable and trust the process, I'm ready to help you change your life"

Matt Wolfs


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Zoe Hyde from Zoe Hyde Transformations in Drouin, Victoria

MP Online Coaches just like you and me

Troy Willems from Constant Evolution Transformations in Werribee, Victoria

Kane Patterson and Lisa Arney from Lift 4 Life Transformations in Chadstone, Victoria

Justin Perillo from Lean365 in Preston, Victoria

Jake Pearson from Jake Pearson PT in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria

Stephen Johnson from Eternally Fit in Sydney, New South Wales

Who I'm looking to work with...

I'm not here to muck around and waste my time or yours. I play to win and I want to work with business owners who want to win as well. If the following sounds like you, get in touch and we'll put together your path to success!

  • You've been spinning your wheels for way too long and want to build something long-lasting that will reward you and your clients
  • You're ready to maximise your time helping your clients while improving your own lifestyle
  • You struggle to "block the noise" and are distracted by all the mess going on in the industry around you
  • You're tired of grinding out hour after hour training people for very little long-term reward
  • You want to be surrounded by other like-minded people who will lift you to greater heights
  • You don't know where to start and need someone who has been there and done it themselves to show you the way
  • You are willing to commit to at least 12 months of accountability and coaching;
  • You are coachable! Both as a client undertaking your own transformation and as a business owner transforming your business;
  • Be ready to step it up and really take yourself and what you do to the next level

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